Andrew Rosenbaum

Andrew RosenbaumDirector, Software Engineering

Mobile Orchestration – Innovation on the Edge

Mobile App Development, API

The growth of mobile apps as a primary conduit to interact with users has greatly changed how developers build and deliver software. With an active mobile user base of millions of customers, providing a top-notch mobile user experience is an absolute expectation here at Capital One. Yes, we’re one of the top financial institutions in the country, but our online presence means we function like a top digital and technology company as well.

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Jackie Kazil

Jackie KazilTechnology Fellow

Capital One To Host PyData DC 2016, Call For Speakers Now Open

PyData, Python, Big Data

Capital One, in partnership with NumFocus, is hosting PyData DC 2016 this October in McLean, VA. PyData is a conference that brings together analysts, scientists, developers, engineers, architects and others from the data science community to discuss new techniques and tools for the management, analysis, and visualization of data using Python. At Capital One, we work every day to maximize our approach to data while working to change banking for good.

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Gnanendra Dathathreya

Gnanendra "Gnani” DathathreyaDirector, Enterprise Architecture

Delivering Microservices for Enterprise with DevOps

Microservices, API, DevOps, Cloud

It is an exciting time to work in Capital One’s Technology Department as we’re utilizing open source software and emergent cloud technologies to build great digital products and a world-class developer experience. As an Architect, I work with development teams to help realize next-gen architectures such as microservices, cloud-native apps, and DevOps.

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Hector Matos

Hector MatosiOS Engineer

A Beginner's Guide to Scripting in Swift

swift, ios

Since Apple came out with Swift in 2014, most programmers have focused on using it to write iOS/Mac OS X applications. It was the first instinct many of us had upon learning the language. In fact, it was the only instinct I had on the day Swift first came out. It wasn't until seven months later that I realized it was even more powerful than it seemed, and that scripting in Swift was not only possible but quite easy!

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George Brady

George BradyExecutive Vice President, Shared Tech

Join Capital One at OSCON 2016

OSCON, Open Source, Hygieia

Capital One is excited to return to OSCON as a sponsor for 2016 and has big plans to highlight creativity and innovative technology in Austin, Texas.

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Jackie Kazil

Jackie KazilTechnology Fellow

Taking a Moonshot at Solving Climate Change

Capital One, Hackathon, 10x Moonshot, Team Exponent

Here at Capital One, we’re invested in changing banking for good; and sometimes that means helping change the world for good as well. On Saturday, April 2nd, Capital One partnered with Team Exponent and Google Developer Group DC to host a 10x Moonshot Sprint to work on high-impact solutions to resolving climate change through robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotech.

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Kumar Manickavasagam

Kumar ManickavasagamManager, Software Engineering

Vertical Slicing - Some Practical Ideas

Programming, Scrum, Agile

In agile development, sizing & slicing a story is important in delivering business value while achieving development goals such as continuous integration, deployment, and testing. If a story is too large then the team runs the risk of not completing the story within the current sprint. If a story is too small, tangible results cannot be demonstrated.

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Tapabrata Pal

Tapabrata "Topo" PalDirector, Next Generation Infrastructure

HygieiaSM is a 2015 Black Duck Rookie of the Year!

DevOps, DevOpsSec, Open Source

We’re extremely excited to announce that HygieiaSM has been selected as an Open Source Rookie of the Year 2015 by Black Duck Software. The goal of this annual award is to recognize the most exciting and impactful open source projects from the last year. Hygieia was selected for 2015 alongside other awesome OSS projects like Rocket.Chat, Bazel, React Native, InSpec, Glucosio, Vault, RancherOS.

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Naveed Anwar

Naveed AnwarManaging Vice President, Digital

Let’s Start Something Together


Starting something new is exhilarating, daring and, at times, even daunting. People who create know this. Having an idea isn’t the hardest part. Getting that idea off the ground is – building adoption, clarifying value, then scaling that idea to realize its full impact in the world.

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Azat Mardan

Azat MardanTechnology Fellow

Why Everyone is Talking About Isomorphic / Universal JavaScript and Why it Matters

javascript, isomorphic javascript, universal javascript, node.js, react.js, lazo.js

corresponding or similar in form and relations.
having the same crystalline form.
* definition by Google

Originally applied to mathematics, the term “isomorphic” was first popularized in relation to Javascript development by Spike Brehm of Airbnb. Since the beginning, many developers have objected to the usage, and it’s been in the newscycle recently as the competing buzzword “universal Javascript” has emerged (most notably in Michael Jackson’s post) as an alternative to “isomorphic Javascript.” For simplicity, I’ll stick with the catchier word isomorphic because it was first, and also to avoid getting into the terminology wars so prevalent in tech. In this post, we’ll dive deeper and demystify the concept of isomorphism, as well as shed some light on why it’s important to web development – regardless of the catchphrases used to describe it.

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Nick Sheehan

Nick SheehaniOS Software Engineer

iOS Accessibility - Best Practices for the VoiceOver User Experience

ios, accessibility, voiceover

Here at Capital One, we are working hard to write “best in class” financial services applications for all users - including our users with disabilities. Over the past six months, I have had the opportunity to work on the Capital One Mobile for iPhone application. Specifically, I have been heavily involved in our user experience for VoiceOver (VO) users. VO, for the uninitiated, is Apple’s screen reader technology, which can be used by blind and low vision users to get the most from their mobile devices.

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Javed Roshan

Javed RoshanDirector, Data Services

Fast Data Platform at Capital One

fast data, go, docker, cassandra

Data and data analysis are two of the founding principles on which Capital One’s success is built. As a digital leader and major player in the finance industry, our applications require speed, accuracy, and the ability to handle, store, and analyze huge amounts of data. After being hired as a Director, Data Services earlier this year, I spent time exploring the current data landscape in our Financial Services (FS) organization with an eye towards process optimization. From this in-depth analysis, I was able to identify key areas in the landscape where data processing could be made more efficient, helping Capital One to deliver on the speed, accuracy, and digital capacity our customer’s require.

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Qiang Xue

Qiang XueLead Software Engineer, Technology Fellows

Philosophies that Shaped Successful Frameworks


During the past decade we’ve seen many software frameworks pop up. Frameworks such as Spring and Ruby on Rails have become so successful that mastering them means opening the door to numerous job opportunities. However, for every framework that succeeds, there are even more that fade away without being noticed by most developers. Wikipedia listed 67 web frameworks on January 1, 2008. As of today however, more than two thirds of them have either fallen off the list or haven’t been updated for over three years. As the creator of the Yii framework, I’ve spent a lot of time investigating various frameworks and understanding why some have succeeded and others failed. In this post, I will describe some of my findings on the philosophies that have shaped those successful frameworks.

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Lorinda Brandon

Lorinda BrandonSenior Product Manager

From the Inside Out: Taking Your API Out In Public


API professionals talk a lot about concepts like “Design First” and “API First”, all of which are great platitudes if you’re starting your API from scratch. However, most of us don’t work for brand new companies with zero APIs in our stack. It’s much more common to start your API program journey with a bunch of APIs built for internal use in developer-led projects that weren’t initially designed for close public scrutiny.

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Fred Ye

Fred YeCloud Engineer

What Does A Cloud Engineer Do?

cloud, engineering

A Day in the Life of a Cloud Engineer

There’s a new era of software development on the horizon. As a Cloud Engineer at Capital One, I’m excited to be standing on the cusp of so much change. In the Capital One Engineering Department we eat, breathe, and live tech, and as part of the College Hire program, I’m continually exposed to some of the brightest young engineers sourced from the best schools around the country.

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Biba Helou

Biba HelouVP, Next Generation Infrastructure

Next Generation Infrastructure


Infrastructure. It takes too long to build. It's expensive. It's hard to manage. It's inflexible. It gets in the way of innovation.

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Rob Alexander

Rob AlexanderCIO, Capital One

Why Capital One Attended AWS re:Invent 2015

aws, reinvent, cloud

I felt extremely privileged to have the opportunity to represent Capital One as part of this year’s keynote at AWS re:Invent this October. Most people know Capital One as a credit card company, and we’re one of the largest in the US with more than 65 million accounts. Some also know that we’re one of the nation’s largest banks – number 7 in the U.S. by assets - and that we’re the nation’s leading digital bank.

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Jason Valentino

Jason ValentinoDirector, Systems Operations/Automation – Mobile Engineering

Capital One Fall 2015 Hackathon Tour


I love Fall... leafs change color, our oppressive DC humidity becomes tolerable and best of all: Hackathon season kicks back up.

Each year, approximately 50,000 students participate in a variety of college hackathons -- and as an employer that always keeps an eye out for the brightest up and coming talent, these events tend to be some of the best places to look.

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Azat Mardan

Azat MardanTechnology Fellow

Contrasting Enterprise Node.js Frameworks: Hapi vs. Kraken vs. Sails.js vs. Loopback

node.js, hapi, kraken, sails.js, loopback

Node.js/Io.js is a non-blocking I/O platform based on the JavaScript language. It has been capturing the hearts and minds of software developers for the past couple of years. It has been doing this not only for developers in startups And small companies, but more interestingly for enterprise developers as well. For example, PayPal, LinkedIn, Walmart, Netflix, eBay, Uber and other tech giants switched from Java and the likes to Node. Its popularity is attributed to better performance and having one language (JavaScript) for all layers: back-end, database and front-end.

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Qiang Xue

Qiang XueLead Software Engineer, Technology Fellows

Writing SOLID Code (SOLID Design Principles Reflected in the Enterprise API Framework)

framework, RESTful API, design patterns, SOLID

At Capital One, we have developed an Enterprise API (eAPI) Framework to simplify the development of API applications that conform to the enterprise standards. The framework offers a set of enterprise features, such as message management, audit logging, enterprise security, etc. It also provides starter packages that are skeleton code for jumpstarting new API application development. In this post, I will explain how the so-called SOLID principles are being followed by the skeleton code generated by eAPI to foster software quality, maintainability, and reuse while enabling cross-team delivery consistency.

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Michi Kono

Michi KonoSenior Director, Software Engineering

Improved Protocol-Oriented Programming with Untyped Type Aliases, Part 2

swift, ios, mobile, protocal oriented programming

This is part two of a series that explores the topic of using a typealias as a generic inside protocols. Part one can be found here.

In the last article, we learned how a typealias can serve as a generic when not explicitly set to a specific type.

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Santosh Bardwaj

Santosh BardwajSenior Director, Data Platform Engineering

What's in your wallet? Capital One Analytic Garage

analytic garage, docker, big data, mesos, hadoop, open source

As part of Capital One's Data strategy, we have embarked on an overall technology transformation to ensure our analytic leadership as we move to the world of Big Data.

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Jimmy Sambuo

Jimmy SambuoMaster Software Engineer

EASE iPhone - Lessons Learned

ios, mobile, engineering

It has been about one month since my team released version 5 of the Capital One iPhone app. The project to convert our hybrid app into a fully native one has taken us over a year, and our journey has been full of growth, change, and learning.

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Terren Peterson

Terren PetersonSr. Director, Cloud Engineering

Baked vs. Fried – Who’s Hungry on the Cloud?

cloud, AWS, devops, automation

Okay, so this post really isn't about food, rather it's about a key concept in how to manage infrastructure on the Cloud. As we evolve processes for how to automate the provisioning of infrastructure, there are different approaches we can adopt in how to manage the scripting. Baked & Fried are catchy terms that are used in the industry to describe different automation techniques, and this blog gives some more background on the relative merits of each, and how we're approaching this.

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Natasha Murashev

Natasha MurashevSenior Software Engineer - iOS

WWDC 2015: A Month of Playtime

ios, mobile, wwdc

Our Mobile Engineering team had a very strong presence at Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year. We woke up at 4am to stand in line together for the keynote, learned about the newest iOS, Swift, WatchOS breakthroughs, met mobile engineers from all over the world, attended the Walk the Moon concert, and proudly sponsored the James Dempsey and the Breakpoints concert and the WWDC Girls Lunch!

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Tapabrata Pal

Tapabrata "Topo" PalDirector, Next Generation Infrastructure

HygieiaSM Dashboard - Making sense out of your DevOps tools

devops, open source

Tools are a big part of today's Agile and DevOps methodologies. A typical project deals with Agile Project Management tool, Source Control, Continuous Integration (CI) tool, Testing tools, Static Code Analysis and Security Scanning tools, Deployment and Monitoring tools to name a few. Large enterprises and complex systems sometimes use multiple CI, Testing and Scanning tools. Each of these has nice dashboards to present key information stored in it. But what is lacking is a single, comprehensive end-to-end view of the state of a delivery pipeline in near real time.

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Rob Alexander

Rob AlexanderCIO, Capital One

@everyone, introducing

engineering, blog

We’re excited to introduce Capital One’s engineering blog, which gives us a chance to share some of the great work happening inside a technology company that, well, just happens to be a bank. More than 20 years ago Capital One disrupted the credit card industry when we launched the balance transfer product, using big data to democratize credit for consumers. Now we’re the nation’s largest direct bank with millions of customers worldwide.

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